10 Baby Items That People No Longer Use

What we use to take care of babies and entertain them changes frequently – always veering towards safer options for the wee little ones. The things we grew up with have mostly been replaced with newer products and practices that are easier on infants (and often the parents, too). There was a time when parents didn’t yet know that certain items could be unsafe or uncomfortable for their kids. Here are 10 baby items that we’re not likely to see used again.

1) Those Flat Baby Shoes

There was a time when these flat baby shoes were the only first shoes that babies in the U.S. Nowadays there are tiny versions of Air Jordans, Converse All-stars, and even little loafers. But, it wasn’t so in decades of the past when the only baby shoes were these little leather numbers. Aside from hand-knitted slippers, a baby might not wear anything else for the first 2 years of its life or so.

2) Bathing Babies in Big Metal Basins

It was totally normal back then and no one thought a thing about it. Today, special bath chairs made from plastic and mesh keep baby upright in the sink or tub.

3) Chrome Accent Strollers

Today the latest gear for strollers includes clear rain covers, drink holders for the adults, and plenty of storage underneath for all your shopping bags. But, back in the day a streamlined outer finish, complete with chrome detailing on the handle and wheels, was the most stylish thing to push baby around in.

4) Low Pushchairs

Back in the day these kinds of strollers were just for fun and often came in bright, bold colors. The handle was often pretty low and wasn’t at all practical for pushing a child round the block, but was just right for playing in the house.

5) Baby ID Bracelets

Nowadays hospitals use those plastic bands, with the parent’s names printed clearly on the insert. But, back in the day, most hospitals used these little baby bracelets made from plastic letter beads to make sure no mix-ups happened in the hospital. They made lovely keepsakes for the adult years, too!

6) Old Fashioned Cloth Diapers

Cloth diapers are still used today, but not like the old days. Now they often have convenient snaps or velcro built right in to avoid the need for sharp safety pins. And, today’s cloth diapers are often used along with plastic covers to avoid those awful leaks that used to happen all the time back then.

7) Hand-knitted Baby Blankets

People are still making these but they are very very rare compared to the old days when this was the standard thing to wrap a newborn in

8) Wooden Cradles

These keepsakes were once passed from generation to generation and were handmade works of art. Sadly, today they have fallen out of fashion. These little cradles were common for many centuries before modern products completely took over.

9) Long Christening Gowns

For generations women labored over handmade christening gowns. Yards of lace and embroidery, all done by hand, made these dresses very special garments worthy of heirloom status. Worn by both boy and girl babies, these treasures are becoming more and more rare.

10) Giant Crib Decals

Many cribs of the old days came with rather large decals at the foot and/or head of the bed. Today, this type of decoration would be very niche, but years ago every child’s bedroom had this kind of decor.

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