The 10 Most Beautiful Abandoned Places In The World

Visiting abandoned sites might not be on the top of your travel to do list, but after seeing these hauntingly beautiful pictures of castles, amusement parks, and other feats of architecture, you’ll want to go visit these places in person! It’s amazing to think about each of these places as a snapshot frozen in time. In a world where we’re all too connected, it’s hard to imagine that there are places that have been left undisturbed for decades or even hundreds of years. Keep reading to discover these amazing places you should visit!

1. McDermott’s Castle

This castle is located in Roscommon, Ireland. There has been a castle on this little island in the southeast corner of Lough Key since the 12th century. In 1184, a lightnight bolt caused a great fire and everyone either burned or drowned except for one person – Conchobar mac Diarmata. Another castle was built to replace the ruins of the old castle. However, in 1586, the McDermotts lost the island. The castle and island have been abandoned ever since.

See the only remaining piece of a once thriving island!

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