10 Trends That Defined The 80s

Who remembers the 80s? If you were around for this extravagant decade, then surely you’ll remember these popular looks and fashion trends. The strange thing is, a lot of these trends are coming back into style with kids these days! Leggings, scrunchies, and bold patterns are back in. Of course, no one can do it quite like the original. If you weren’t there, you just don’t get it!

The Yuppie Look

Short for “younger professionals,” the yuppie look was in start contrast to the hippie look of the 60s and 70s. Yuppies wore tailored suits and coifed hair, boating gear, khakis, polos, and sweaters around their shoulders. It was a clean-cut look that spread out all over Hollywood and mainstream TV shows.

Miami Vice Look

If there was one TV show that defined and influenced 80s culture, it was Miami Vice. It’s hard to explain to younger generations just how impactful this popular cop show had on the youth back in the day! Pastel t-shirts under flowing sports coats became a look all the cool kids in school wanted to emulate.

Bright Makeup

With the advent of MTV, there was a huge boom in bright, vibrant makeup as well as other visual styles. Just take a look at any old music videos or films of the 80s, and you can certainly find many examples of bold eyeshadow, thick eyeliner, and bright lipstick – on both guys and girls!

Big Hair

Everything was bigger, brighter, and bolder in the 80s, and nothing personifies this more than the hairstyles. From teased out mullets to asymetrical haircuts, and neon streaks, people sure weren’t afraid to experiment with their hair in the 80s! It’s a miracle any of us got out of this decade without losing our hair completely from all of the wear and tear these styles caused!

For more crazy 80s trends, watch the video below!

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